2017 Progressive Music Awards

SevenFour Artistry has cast their vote. Now register and cast yours. It's time for the 2017 Progressive Music Awards, now in its 6th year and sponsored by Prog Magazine.

Prog Rock has seen a huge resurgence since the beginning of the 21st century (pun intended). New artists often pay homage to their influences from the 60's and 70's and bands with incredible talent and sound all their own, creating sub-categories within the Prog Rock genre. This wave of new progressive artists has brought the spotlight back to bands that those not-so-familiar with the Prog Rock world might have thought were long gone. Artists like, Kansas, Marillion, and Saga are seeing new life these days as well as mainstays of Prog like Roger Waters, Steve Hackett, and YES. This is due to more current acts like Opeth, Messhugah, Anathema, and Animals As Leaders reaching younger, modern music listeners, who then take it upon themselves to learn the genre's history. It also must be noted that spikes in new listeners is partially due to the losses of key figures of Prog Rock. In the past few years, progressive rock lost Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, 2/3rds of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, YES founding member and legendary bassist, Chris Squire and just this January we lost John Wetton, key member of what is considered the "classic" King Crimson line-up and a founding member of the 80's Prog-supergroup, Asia.

clockwise from top left: keith emerson - greg lake - chris squire - john wetton

Now here we are, two decades into the 21st century and the art form of progressive rock, celebrated in its youth only to be vilified to an almost certain death in under a decade, has seen a re-birth. Hundreds of progressive music festivals are being held world wide, re-mastered re-issues of seminal albums seem to be released monthly, new doc books are being published and the artists are pushing out memoirs. There is even a vacation get-away that has been offered for a few years now, Cruise To The Edge, a sea excursion with several dozen performances by legendary Prog Rock heroes, young and old.

Because popular music award platforms seemingly ignore the genre as a whole, progressive rock artists are celebrated yearly at The Progressive Music Awards (PMAs). The awards were developed and the awards ceremonies are held in the U.K., birthplace of the progressive music movement. For The PMAs, U.K. bands are considered the home team and the lone International Band/Artist Of The Year award has ten nominees spread out over the rest of the world.

This year, Swedish juggernaut OPETH leads the nominations with four, followed by Marillion and last yea'rs major winner Big Big Train, each with 3 noms. A SevenFour Artistry favorite, Bent Knee, out of Boston, are up for two awards: video of the year for "Hands Up" video and International Band/Artist Of The Year. They are nominated alongside the heaviest of hitters like Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, Neal Morse Band, and VoiVod.

Bent Knee..Bostons best kept secret

Fans are invited and encouraged to vote. Not only do you get to let your voice be heard, but you are almost guaranteed to find artists you never knew existed who are making incredible music with top notch musicianship.

Now go VOTE!

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