SFA Puts Charles Wright Trio Into Opening Slot For Eric Gales

Legendary D.C. jazz fusion trio, The Charles Wright Trio (CWT) has been placed as the opener for the amazing blues guitarist, Eric Gales, courtesy of SevenFour Artistry. The show takes place at The Howard Theater on November1st. CWT should hit the stage at 8pm.

Now in there 20th year together, guitarist Charles Wright, bassist Mike Pryor, and drummer Sean Peck have amazed hundreds of thousands of listeners with their blistering chops and the amazing chemistry between the trio. Individually and collectively, the Trio members have amassed numerous years of valuable experience in the music industry. Each member possesses a seasoned maturity in the professional music arena

Besides their headlining gigs all over the DMV, they have opened for numerous national touring acts including Al DiMeola, Marcus Miller Band, Bill Bruford’s Earthworks, Happy The Man, Niacin (Dennis Chambers, Billy Sheehan and John Novello), Tony MacAlpine, Brian Auger, and Project Object w/ Ike Willis Performing the music of Frank Zappa.. just to name a few. They innovatively demonstrate recognized cover tunes. Well known for their unique selection of music and incredible dexterity of performance, the group strives to present more eclectic compositions written over the years by such artists as Allan Holdsworth, Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, Dixie Dregs, Brand X, Bill Bruford, Return To Forever, Tribal Tech, Bill Connors, Billy Cobham, John Scofield and Lost Tribe as well as more traditionally performed works by artists like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Dizzie Gillespie, Chick Corea and Charlie Parker.

Dont be scared off on that "jazz fusion" label though. CWT can play anything, and they know how to adjust to the crowd. For this performance in front of Eric Gales, they are developing a new, blues-infused setlist that will get things hot for Eric Gales.

Get a ticket early. It's ten bucks cheaper buying now than walking up the day of the show. You can purchase tickets here

Or send a message to us here at SevenFour Artistry. In the meantime, check out this CWT performance of the Bill Connors tune, "Sea Coy" from a few years back, and let us know if you're going!

#jazzfusion #ericgales #guitar #virtuoso

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